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1st Beach Walk

ffffriday 011

Ryan’s Gulfstream Fish Surfboard speared in the guts by a shortboarder.

snow 010

If in doubt Router it out.

friding 001

friding 008

Foam resined in with 6oz fibreglass, fared and polished.

friding 009

Surfboard repair Bournemouth South Coast UK

Simon’s Joel Tudor Surftech Longboard

friding 002

Notice the crack – thats were the fiber glass top layer was over lapped on the underneath.

This must of been quite a crunch as this construction is tough.

friding 005

After 18 oz of glass added – faired and colour matched.

friding 006

Enjoy Simon 🙂

Quality surfboard repair


Photo post inspired by this article

Marco’s ZRE Carbon SUP paddle

wed 001

I have the technology to fix this lightweight STAND UP PADDLEBOARD  paddle…

fri snow 009

fri snow 008

Enjoy Marco sup ing in the snow.

Talking of snow,my puppy experiencing snow for the first time.

fri snow 001


Pete’s mini mal surfboard

sunday 002


wed 005

I added 2 layers of 4 oz over the repair and one layer over the FCS fin plug, to put the integrity back into the damage site.

Boring really so I thought I add a pic of Alana Blanchard a pro surfer/model.


A quality surfboard repair service for “The South Coast of England & Beyond”.

A TakeOff epoxy fish surfboard tail repair.

sunday 006

The tail design on FISH SURFBOARDS often get damaged

best to repair it properly to keep it watertight.

monday 001

An epoxy resin with glass fiber repair.

Enjoy 🙂

Jeff The Ding Man

Ben’s Kiteboard with a split nose,

sunday 005

split rail,

sunday 004

& a couple of rail dings ,

these temporary repairs were rebuilt.

sunday 003


monday 002

Nose repair with carbon fiber

monday 003

monday 004

Enjoy Ben.

Kiteboard surfboard epoxy ding repairs UK Bournemouth Dorset

By Jeff aka THE DING MAN

Puppy Love

sunday 007

Look into my eyes.