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A small ding on this #lostsurfboard,

fully glassed and polished –

almost invisible.

Quality ding repairs since 2011. 



This Forth Doofer in for a rail repair,

(click the link  above to learn more about this Forth surfboard)

drop in’s happen 😦

Rebuilt with time tested techniques that last,

look great and maintain performance.



When you drop your Channel Islands surfboard #4 and bust the tail 😦

All rebuilt maintaining all the original profiles to keep this

 Dane Reynolds designed board flying.



  • Customer modified ding – dry and ready to be repaired.
  • Cut / router out damage.
  • Install new foam, laminate/tint and sand/blend into surrounds.
  • Ready for the ocean.
  • Enjoy Rich.

Restoration quality surfboard repairs

resin pigment 

gloss n polish.


Enjoy Matt.

A common surfboard tail ding.

Instead of just fixing the corner, I prepared the whole tail for re glassing,

both top and bottom – this ensures a lasting repair.

2 x 4 oz Hexcel glass top & 1 x 4 oz bottom as the original construction &

fine finished to match the original surfaces.

As I was always taught

If your going to do a job – do it properly!



James required a rail repair to his Bradley shortboard.

The only thing for a deep fin cut is to replace with new foam.


After reshaping this #usblank offcut and re glassing with 4oz hexcel

 the strength and flex characteristics are restored back

into this once damaged surfboard.


Enjoy James 🙂

surfboard repair Bournemouth


2016, a very stormy start to the year with the Atlantic producing consistent low pressure systems for us to enjoy.

Simon’s #fishsurfboard with a rail fin cut repair.

Luckily I have the exact resin tint to hide the repair, being translucent it was not possible to hide completely – though I think you’ll agree it came out nice.

IMG_20151217_173310_2 (1)

Quality, caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man.

A Mark Richards puffer fish surfboard

with the above mentioned fin slash.


After filling and 2 layers of 4oz cloth, a sanding of resin and a polish.






surfboard repair bournemouth

Charlie’s quiver in for an overhaul – all

sorted & ready for winter.

WP_20151002_003 (1)



surfboard repair bournemouth