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A well used Hawaiian Islands Creations #bigwavegunsurfboard in for a nose rebuild.


#surfboardrepairbmth #uk

Small dings require repair before they become a larger issue.

Enjoy Taran.


#southcoast #bmthpier

sup & surf board repair Bmth Dorset UK

a #fanaticsup #allwave with a rail ding,

rebuilt with a lifetime of knowledge

whilst using the best materials and

techniques 😉

Enjoy Leon


SUP repair Bournemouth Bmth Poole UK

An Atlantis 8.0vexpro #sup in for a ding repair sustained via

it’s transit from Australia to the UK.

All repaired and ready for the ocean,

enjoy Darren.

I see this all the time 😦 the wrong materials used will  melt the core

of your surfboard. Notice the little diy tail ding  repair – it created

a hollow void through chemical reaction.

Replace with foam and laminate with carbon and glassfibre

to replicate the boards original construction.

Love this board a Quiver longboard .


Enjoy Paul & Carly


A fcs plug install on a nice Fish, enjoy Woody.




A carbon epoxy repair for Scott.









Reef ate surfboard

Repaired to last and enjoy

#jeffthedingman #lostsurfboards



This board took a beating in the hands of a courier 😦

I should of taken more pics the rail and tail also

required attention.

Enjoy Warner.





#FCS fin plug repair completed with longevity in mind.