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SEA water


A pleasure to repair multiple rail dings on this 10ft #oblongsurfboard.

Thankyou Paul for your review of my work, which can be found –

SUP & surfboard repair Bmth Poole UK

A #ZRESUPPADDLE in for restoration and a paddle blade repair.

Enjoy Matt.


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SUP repair Bmth carbon epoxy


This #standuppaddleboard had a delam doom on the top of the sups nose area.

(Don’t leave your board out in the full heat of the summer sun)

I cut out the delaminated area and prepped the area for its rebuild.

Fair the new laminates into the surrounding contours and paint.


Enjoy Catherine


Tail corner repaired on this #jsblakbox



Enjoy James

How to modify your SUP, repairs Bmth


  • This 14ft Starboard SUP had already been modified before I worked on it,  the idea was to get a board that would track straight.
  • The fin box was installed forward of center
  • Router out recess for fin box, measure twice cut once 🙂
  • Install with a well mixed batch of slow curing epoxy resin
  • Once cured grind flush
  • Paintwork
  • All modifications for fins positioning are from

Enjoy Bryce


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  1. To restore the board’s rocker line its important to keep the board under tension.
  2. Stringer braced both sides at the site of the crease, foam fared and filled.
  3. Sanded and laminated to maintain strength.
  4. The rail laps of glass going onto the deck destroyed the original coloured rails /pin lines…this I masked and re painted.
  5. Now ready for the surf.

Enjoy Seb.


A common tail repair for a #fishsurfboard

This board was in a nearly new condition –

A Strive classic fish 5’10

and now correctly repaired for longevity.

Resin tinted, fully glassed and glossed all this £30.