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SUP repairs Bournemouth

A Fanatic SUP in for a collision repair.


All repaired just finishing the pin line.

WP_20150627_002 (1)


All ready for you Jamie.

Quality SUP repair Bmth



A Mason #minisimmons

requiring repair to a #keel fin

and a few small ding sorted to keep

it all ship shape.



Enjoy Charlie,

the owner of Dorset’s best bike shoppe




Buying a #usedsurfboard 

If the deck has a soft balloon feel to it, don’t buy it.

An unlucky customer bought this from a popular online

bidding site, this is what I found.

Always pay with #paypal


A typical rail ding.

Before and after.

WP_20150610_001 WP_20150611_002

Filled and glassed with layers of 6oz glass, fill coated –

then sanded / polished to match the surrounding surface £30.

Quality repairs by



A #bonzersurfboard with a smashed fin.


Rebuilt to Malcolm Campbell’s specs.


Ready to engage 5th gear again.


Enjoy Gaz.




This lovely #Stewart #longboard came to me with”wonky” glassed on fin.

The fin had been botched by another “repair guy”


Note how it leans to the right.


Cut cleanly, that brown area is not a good sign…

Evidence of previous water intrusion.


If in doubt cut it out, the flexy fin was due to the de-lam at the fin base.

WP_20150601_014 (2)

De lam sorted, fin glassed on with fin rope and

multiple staggered layers of 6oz glass.


Some jobs just take longer than others, as the stringer and foam

were wet – well that has to dry out before any of the rebuilding can begin.

This classic log is now ready for pivot turns and noserides.

Wonder if the wonky fin helped his backhand turns?

Quality surfboard repairs in Bournemouth.