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An epoxy surfboard with nose impact damage, all repaired with the finest materials and some paintwork to make an near unnoticeable repair.

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Est since 2011

Broken by baggage handlers,

repaired by me…

enjoy Brett 🙂

Brett shea

Jeff you are a true legend! Board looks amazing! You are a true perfectionist! Couldn’t recommend you enough dude!
Many thanks again


#surfboardtailrepair carried out with 4 layers of 4oz for

reliability hence the darker shade of the repaired area.

Repairing surfboards for the local community from 2011. Enjoy Charles 🙂

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Repaired this epoxy #webbersurfboard with time proven methods to ensure a

quality repair, the carbonfibre further reinforces the previously broken stringer.

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I see this all the time 😦 the wrong materials used will  melt the core

of your surfboard. Notice the little diy tail ding  repair – it created

a hollow void through chemical reaction.

Replace with foam and laminate with carbon and glassfibre

to replicate the boards original construction.

Love this board a Quiver longboard .

Enjoy Paul & Carly

A tail ding repaired with carbon and glass fiber for a lasting repair in

a high impact part of a surfboard.





Tail smash before & after.







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