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I see this all the time 😦 the wrong materials used will  melt the core

of your surfboard. Notice the little diy tail ding  repair – it created

a hollow void through chemical reaction.

Replace with foam and laminate with carbon and glassfibre

to replicate the boards original construction.

Love this board a Quiver longboard .


Enjoy Paul & Carly


Rebuilt with time tested techniques and knowledge.



When you slip and your knee dents the deck….

A tinted epoxy repair to rebuild the deck…



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Enjoy Michael 🙂


Full carbon nose rebuild,

rebuilt to last.


Enjoy George 🙂

Enjoy Jon 🙂


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A  #kiteboard rail repair for Christian.

The first photo shows the rail crack, I removed the customers temporary repair and rebuilt it for a lasting repair.


A #firewire Baked Potatoe in for a minor rail ding.

Enjoy Roz




Ever got a ding in your #epoxysurfboard ?

When customers say  they  have an epoxy surfboard what they really mean is an epoxy laminated glass fiber over an eps core.

The #EPS core is commonly found in todays  SUPs, windsurfs, and increasingly in surfboards and requires immediate removal from water once punctured / dinged.


Notice the bubbles!

The above #fishsurfboard was thoroughly dried out over several days before any repair work can commence –

James the owner of the above surfboards commented that the fish felt lighter once repaired by myself, praise indeed.

Caring surfboard repairs by 

Jeff the Ding Man.

SURFTECH nose reconstructive surgery



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