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  1. Snapped n crushed foam, one knock and it will separate 😦
  2. I add support to the stringer, then fill and stagger the glassing to maintain flex.
  3. Top 2 x 4oz with fully wrapped rails (that’s where the strength is).
  4. Bottom which joined together amazing well, plus 1 x 4oz .

Enjoy Andy.

#surfboard #repair #bmth

Jeff the Ding Man

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A  #kiteboard rail repair for Christian.

The first photo shows the rail crack, I removed the customers temporary repair and rebuilt it for a lasting repair.


A #firewire Baked Potatoe in for a minor rail ding.

Enjoy Roz




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A Lost RV surfboard with a minor rail ding,

quick turnaround for the upcoming holidays 🙂

Jeff The Ding Man

  • Customer modified ding – dry and ready to be repaired.
  • Cut / router out damage.
  • Install new foam, laminate/tint and sand/blend into surrounds.
  • Ready for the ocean.
  • Enjoy Rich.

Two Adams surfboards in for minor repairs.

Just little repair jobs to keep that new board feeling going a little longer 😉

Enjoy Jake the lifeguard and  your Sis.

#Jeff the Ding Man

Quality surfboard repairs Bournemouth

Two of Jake’s #surfboard s after repairs,

the Black & White Quad Fish required it’s tail pod to be rebuilt,

and other multiple #dings on both.

Ready for the Holidays 🙂

Quality surfboard repairs in BMTH