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5 year anniversary

I would like to say a “Big Thank you” to all my customers for their

support over the last 5 years,

especially to SORTED SURF SHOP 




surfboard repairs in Bournemouth BMTH

A surfboard nose repair in #epoxy.

My chooks have been busy..

Enjoy Roman

A typical #fishsurfboard tail ding / damage.

Epoxy / glass fiber repair to both tail points.



A common surfboard tail ding.

Instead of just fixing the corner, I prepared the whole tail for re glassing,

both top and bottom – this ensures a lasting repair.

2 x 4 oz Hexcel glass top & 1 x 4 oz bottom as the original construction &

fine finished to match the original surfaces.

As I was always taught

If your going to do a job – do it properly!



This board’s name made me laugh,

it was in for a rail repair…

have fun in the sun.



This #surfboard came to me on recommendation from #sortedsurfshop.

This board has a nice story relating to it, Diogo the owner initially enquired

with  Deano (sorted) as to an ideal small wave board for our local conditions.

This is the result which was custom made by Diogo’s  friend,

though this board suffered some damage whilst in transit.

After my repairs and paintwork this 5’9″ is seaworthy.


Enjoy Diogo.

#surfboard repairs Bournemouth


A cracked #SUP rail.



IMG_20160204_204758 (1)


#jeffthedingman #surfboardrepairbournemouth