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fcs-ii fin box repaired and glassed over with 6oz for longevity.






Futures fin box


glassed over

fill coated


Enjoy SAM.


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An original “Fins Unlimited US 10.5 size fin box” retro fitted to Daryl’s #Quiksilver Longboard in place of a #FCS thruster setup now making this 90’s board into a more user friendly 2+1 setup.  Enjoy Daryl.



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Going away surfing for a year,

and you crush your fin box just before you are due to leave…

My workshop Elves provided the a “Quick turnaround”

for Sam ready for his travels with this superbrand toy surfboard

Enjoy Sam.

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1. A damaged lokbox fin plug

2. Router out old box – trial fit neplacement

3. Install glass polish etc

4. The Rainbow lokbox CI fish template fits FLUSH!

5. Alex The Lifeguard’s  Black & White fish in all her glory 🙂


ps. everyone needs a fish in their quiver

Pat’s fish in for a replacement Futures fin box.



ps the fish was made by these guys in Spain

Fabric Inlay

  • I personally love this.



This fabric inlay was the artistic outcome as a result of this boards glassed

on fin impacting a 2m high car park barrier.

Please note the usual before photos were to graphic to publish.

Quality surfboard repairs / restorations / custom

by Jeff the DING MAN.


A Mason #minisimmons

requiring repair to a #keel fin

and a few small ding sorted to keep

it all ship shape.



Enjoy Charlie,

the owner of Dorset’s best bike shoppe



A #bonzersurfboard with a smashed fin.


Rebuilt to Malcolm Campbell’s specs.


Ready to engage 5th gear again.


Enjoy Gaz.




This lovely #Stewart #longboard came to me with”wonky” glassed on fin.

The fin had been botched by another “repair guy”


Note how it leans to the right.


Cut cleanly, that brown area is not a good sign…

Evidence of previous water intrusion.


If in doubt cut it out, the flexy fin was due to the de-lam at the fin base.

WP_20150601_014 (2)

De lam sorted, fin glassed on with fin rope and

multiple staggered layers of 6oz glass.


Some jobs just take longer than others, as the stringer and foam

were wet – well that has to dry out before any of the rebuilding can begin.

This classic log is now ready for pivot turns and noserides.

Wonder if the wonky fin helped his backhand turns?

Quality surfboard repairs in Bournemouth.