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Ryan Lovelace – Intuition

forget the temps CHILL out & watch

Displacement Hull Surfboard

Repairs in Bournemouth Dorset UK


Sit back and relax with this one on full screen…it’ll enhance your mellow.

Trevor Gordon shot by Michael Kew somewhere around Santa Barbara and edited by Ryan Lovelace.
Music: Intuition by Feist

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Fresh water  river surfing.


Surfboard repairs in freezing Bournemouth Brrrr

RINCON Surfing Miki Dora 1966-69

RINCON Surfing Miki Dora 1966-69


surftech Hap Jacobs

The damage shots of a surftech Hap Jacobs .

During repair..

Finished nose rail

&  smashed rail + veneer,

Surf board Ding Repairs in Bournemouth

Boscombe Kimmeridge Dorset UK

A few shots of the completed Bonzer For Mark

which came of second best against our Jurassic coastline.



Rail repaired

 tail dings


All repairs in tinted resin and gloss n polish..

Matching up tinted resin is looks right in the pot and when applied

to the sanding coats/gloss coats change the tone, if you notice the original

resin tint changes tone throughout the board especially on the cut laps and concaves .

My aim always is a functional repair that blends in with the rest of the board..

Enjoy Mark

Jeff  The Ding Man

Bonzers only available in Europe through,

A completed repair in epoxy,

All repaired & cleaned..

one nice high performance Salomon surfboard

designed by Mayhem Lost

enjoy Andrew.

BMTH dorset UK

Bing Family Tree

. Jeff aka THE DING MAN .

“the local independent surfboard repair specialist”

LOVE the BING speed square

so small it fits in your cars boot/trunk.

A shot of a punctured Watercooled Surf Board

 after initial preparation..

Then epoxy filled glassed and prepped for Quiksilver decal,

Decal mask being removed after paint applied… then

a couple of coats of clear.

Polished…Enjoy Alex

Surf board repairs in Bournemouth Dorser UK

Mark’s Bonzer



during repair..


sanding..hotcoat..more sanding then polish

to be continued

Bonzer surfboard repair by Jeff the ding man.

to purchase a Campbell Brothers Bonzer in Europe

follow the link below

Surfboard repairs in Bmth UK