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The “Ruddy Fin”.


Just a little “Ruddy fin” I’ve been working on….inspired by


Kelly Slater’s 5 fin board that he used in the recent New york contest.


above pic and info for Kelly’s 5 fin follow this link

Surfboard repairs in Bournemouth

Dorset UK

SURFBOARD ding repairs

 in Bournemouth

Boscombe Reef


Dorset Jurassic coastline UK .

Miki Dora

“California dreaming on a cold winters day”

Photo blagged from

Miki Dora

Surfboard ding REPAIRS in Bournemouth

Dorset UK

Blonde girl surfer in a bikini

This is Andrews 5’10”

Al Merrick the Biscuit which lost out

against a Jurassic coast reef.

After caring repair…

Note only the top FCS plug took the impact..

and all fin angles back to

original specification..

I also repaired this boards FCS fins to complete the repair.. follow link

Kimmeridge Reef vs Surfboard Fin


 Read THE BENCH-LORD’s comment at the bottom of the page from

Magicseaweed. with the below link,

Jeff the Ding Man 

Andrew’s Al Merrick FCS fins impacted upon

one of Kimmeridge’s Jurassic reefs.

The damage shot..

note trailing edge flattened & rear tab has

stress lines visable – due to tab being bent out of alignment

resulting in a broken FCS plug.

During surgery…


Both side fins re profiled together to ensure

symmetry & tab trued to maintain alignment.


Nice Rack

Surfboard ding repairs in the


Bournemouth UK

From minor dings to major damage I will be able to help you get your favourite board back in the water.

Australian Jeff Rowley Paddles-in to Massive Jaws Peahi January 2012

Do you remember your first surfboard?

Thanks Seb for the link

Surfboard repairs in Bournemouth

Boscombe Reef


Dorset Jurassic coastline UK .