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plastic pollution

Jeff The Ding Man

Surfboard repairs in

Bournemouth Dorset


surftech Hap Jacobs

The damage shots of a surftech Hap Jacobs .

During repair..

Finished nose rail

&  smashed rail + veneer,

Surf board Ding Repairs in Bournemouth

Boscombe Kimmeridge Dorset UK

The “Ruddy Fin”.


Just a little “Ruddy fin” I’ve been working on….inspired by


Kelly Slater’s 5 fin board that he used in the recent New york contest.


above pic and info for Kelly’s 5 fin follow this link


Surfboard repairs in Bournemouth

Dorset UK

Miki Dora

“California dreaming on a cold winters day”

Photo blagged from http://royalsurfboards.blogspot.com/

Miki Dora

Surfboard ding REPAIRS in Bournemouth

Dorset UK

Blonde girl surfer in a bikini

All sorted and ready for the festive waves.

Repaired by Jeff aka “the ding man”


surfboard repairs in Bournemouth Boscombe 

Dorset UK

December Christmas Santa Claus surfs