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When your imported Californian Mandala gets it’s first ding

and you want it to disappear.

Enjoy Simon 🙂



Nose surgery required – caused by a run in with a local reef.




The color on this repair is done in tinted resin when laminating the glass, then a clear coat is applied sanded/polished.



Malcolm Campbell shaped BONZER surfboard available locally via


 Repairs for the Johnson Brothers 🙂


This was how the board came to me – previously repaired though something was quite clearly wrong.


After I cut the top glass off!


This is the underneath shot exposing the crushed stringer and multiple voids –

due to over catalyzing the resin it simply burns the foam.


During rebuild – stringer strengthened / foam repaired and awaiting resin.


Repaired correctly to ensure this board will live on for many years to come.

Oh and the boards lower in the shot just needed a small nose rail ding fixed.


Cheers Declan & Oscar

Caring surfboard repairs & custom surfboards (SMITH SURFBOARDS) by Jeff The Ding Man


Got this in today –

A hole in a surfboard rail caused by a chemical reaction of using the wrong resin to fix a ding.

Seen it before and to be fair this isn’t the worst by a long shot.

ding man surfboard repairs in the UK / Bouthmouth 

Beautiful wood

Beautiful « Wave Tribe Eco Blog.

Natural Beauty

Eco surfboards are the future..epoxy resins make this possible,

mark my words polyester resins will become redundant in surfboard making,

or reserved for collectors pieces.

Many of my customers have witnessed the strength available of epoxy laminations,

most are blown away…though acceptability is the issue as surfers like the look of poly?

Check out xtr surfboards or Patagonia for their quality epoxy products which also

have minimal impact on the environment in manufacture and lifespan.

Jeff aka The Ding Man

Surfboard repairs in Bmth Dorset UK

A few shots of the completed Bonzer For Mark

which came of second best against our Jurassic coastline.



Rail repaired

 tail dings


All repairs in tinted resin and gloss n polish..

Matching up tinted resin is difficult..it looks right in the pot and when applied

to the lamination..as sanding coats/gloss coats change the tone, if you notice the original

resin tint changes tone throughout the board especially on the cut laps and concaves .

My aim always is a functional repair that blends in with the rest of the board..

Enjoy Mark

Jeff  The Ding Man

Bonzers only available in Europe through,