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Charlie’s quiver in for an overhaul – all

sorted & ready for winter.

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surfboard repair bournemouth

Andy’s #minisimmons after his son

modified it, (with his elbow).


12oz glass job plus my decal added as requested.



A 5’2″ #minisimmons¬†

by #Strive.





Both surfboards in for lots of smalls dings to be sorted,

you know the little holes that you shove wax in

– before a surf session ūüėČ

Enjoy your #surfboards Andy.

Henry’s JS Industries surfboard

with a nose snap.

latest 012

One more wave and this would have been in two pieces.

After rebuild.

sat 001

Love the logo

sat 003

Quality surfboard & SUP ding repairs in Bournemouth Poole UK

By Jeff The DING MAN

Tom W’s “Flashpoint surfing Hart design

kneeboard in for a little surgery:)

Above is the damage shot of this kneeboards tail.

So I’ve rebuilt the tail and glassed it with multiple layers of 6oz top/bottom,

just like its original construction.

Love this shape…

Its 24 inches wide!

blows the theory of narrow boards for steep waves right out the water!

This¬†Kneeboard ¬†is designed for serious waves…

For more info on keeboards follow this link to Kneelo magazine.


Caring repairs by The Ding Man

FCS fin plug install

Can you see the light?

An example of FCS fin plug installation guidelines being followed,

it amazes me how some new boards don’t have their fin plugs

installed correctly or symmetrically.

I was taught to follow the saying..

“Measure twice cut once”



 The result of surfing our local reefs,

Jurassic coastline power.

Ben from The Wessex Surf Club 

 brought it to me for surgery.

All completed with the stringer reinforced + new leash plug and a

glass job that is a third stronger than the original,

4+4oz top 4oz original glassing to the tail

now 6+6oz top 6oz bottom.

Also Ben’s a goofy foot hence the leash plug positioning with in turn

maintains the strength in the rear tail area.

A caring repair by Jeff The DING MAN


south coast custom surfboards

Further surgery on Ben’s surfboard

previous work on the link below.


The tail is now fully glassed with 2x12oz on top and 6oz on the bottom.

Leash plug during installation.

Ben’s Raptor centre fin from the above board,

now the missing chunk is repaired.

Caring surfboard DING repairs

in Bournemouth

Ben’s Fluid Juice Quad Fish Surfboard

with a fin slash to the tail.

Thinking of fins had you heard the one about:

If fish lived on land, which country would they live in? 


A fish swam into a wall and said, ‚ÄúDam!‚ÄĚ

Where do fish wash?…In a river basin

What day of the week do fish hate?…Frydays

Quality surfboard DING MAN repairs in Bournemouth

& bad jokes

By Jeff aka The Ding Man

Which fish can perform operations?…A Sturgeon

Why are fish so gullible?…They fall for things hook, line and sinker


Tail rebuilt now with 12 oz of glass.

Underneath shot stringer/foam repaired + both tips.

Leash plug replaced and glassed over for extra strength.

Nose rebuilt.

This fishcuit truely was battered…

now given a new leash of life.

Enjoy Geordie.

To view the ‘before’ posting follow the below link…


Fish surfboard repairs in Bournemouth