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Fabric Inlay

  • I personally love this.



This fabric inlay was the artistic outcome as a result of this boards glassed

on fin impacting a 2m high car park barrier.

Please note the usual before photos were to graphic to publish.

Quality surfboard repairs / restorations / custom

by Jeff the DING MAN.


A fully restored Robert August surfboard.

Due to its surftech construction this

board is tough, the clear coat over the wood veneer

does crack under impact.


11 dings repairs, then wet sanded through the entire

grades of paper.

WP_20150107_002 (2)

Then machine polished.

Restoration work is charged at an hourly rate –

Check the reflection from the light tube in the gloss coat.

This board is now good for another decade.


SUP repair Bournemouth UK

Well spring has sprung and today was a barmy 10 c

spent most of today wet n drying the scratches out of this SUP

then mopping with several grades of compound p0lishes

and a resin polish to seal in the finnish.



Stand Up Paddleboard supplied by Nick from


Quality surfboard repairs in BMTH Bournemouth 

By Jeff The Ding Man

A family owned business with old fashioned values.

A few shots of the completed Bonzer For Mark

which came of second best against our Jurassic coastline.



Rail repaired

 tail dings


All repairs in tinted resin and gloss n polish..

Matching up tinted resin is difficult..it looks right in the pot and when applied

to the lamination..as sanding coats/gloss coats change the tone, if you notice the original

resin tint changes tone throughout the board especially on the cut laps and concaves .

My aim always is a functional repair that blends in with the rest of the board..

Enjoy Mark

Jeff  The Ding Man

Bonzers only available in Europe through,