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A nice Donald Takayama

 #surftech in for a rail ding.WP_20150424_005Rebuilt n painted, then wet sanded,

compounded and polished.






Enjoy Chris 🙂


A 5’10” SURFTECH in for nose/tail n rail.


2015 030


2015 029


2015 031

Restoration quality work on this

SURFTECH McCoy Lazer Zap

Click on the above link for more info on the boards design.

surfboard repair BMTH.

surftech surfboard repair

Connor’s MR twin fin with a nasty slash to the underneath.


After surgery.

23914 007

Quality surfboard repairs using the best techniques and materials.


A Surftech Hobie PSD in for a  ding that’s punctured the board to it’s core.


Initially this doesn’t look to bad, once sanded back it was clear that the interior layers of glass / HD & EPS

foam had taken on Sea Water. 

Once dried out the repair can begin, various stages are required each allowing to cure before paint can be applied.


Feel free to zoom in 🙂

Interestingly the repair grew  to 2″ and is fully glassed to maintain strength and  flex.

Some would use an epoxy putty to repair this, they are only good for an “emergency session saver” in my opinion.

As I see it the density of the putty is different from the original construction of the Surfboard, when the board flex’s cracks will occur and lead to sea water intrusion and finally delamination.


Enjoy Luke.

Caring surfboard repairs by Jeff The DING MAN

An AL MERRICK 8FT  SURFTECH  in for repair.

100_6335 (2)

Nose damage and a small puncture.


The results.100_6349


I added colour pigment to the resin to assist in hiding the repair – followed by a little paint and clear.



Please can the owner get in touch as I’ve lost your details

Simon’s Joel Tudor Surftech Longboard

friding 002

Notice the crack – thats were the fiber glass top layer was over lapped on the underneath.

This must of been quite a crunch as this construction is tough.

friding 005

After 18 oz of glass added – faired and colour matched.

friding 006

Enjoy Simon 🙂

Quality surfboard repair

A South African 6ft TWIN KEEL Fish Surfboard

In for the tail tips to be repaired.

4.1.13 026

4.1.13 027


tues 002

Quality surfboard repairs in Bournemouth UK

surftech Hap Jacobs

The damage shots of a surftech Hap Jacobs .

During repair..

Finished nose rail

&  smashed rail + veneer,

Surf board Ding Repairs in Bournemouth

Boscombe Kimmeridge Dorset UK