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SUP surfboard repair Bournemouth UK

Matt’s Rogue SUP

monday 003

This small hole had a temporary “sun cured resin repair”

which I simply peeled off!

monday 005

The completed repair.

monday 006

Sup supplied by Nick at

Quality SUP surfboard repairwork in Dorset

by Jeff The Ding Man (SMITH SURFBOARDS)



sundayz 011

Handcrafted by Jeff Smith of SMITH SURFBOARDS

in the UK.

Rich’s Mctavish fireball longboard


with two main dings, the rail ding from The infamous Bournemouth Pier Crowds and the second from a surf spot in California and lots of other little dings from Byron bay. Its been said each ding tells its own story:)


(Fin punctured the rail)


(knee dent)



Forgot to take close ups – Its fair to  say repairs will always show though I try to hide them as much as possible, the extra fibreglass and resin required to produce a strong, lasting repair will by its nature have move material than the surrounding “original” construction – hence the slightly darker colour.

Enjoy Rich đŸ™‚

Quality surfboard repairs in BMTH Bournemouth 

By Jeff The Ding Man

A family owned business with old fashioned values.

Surfboard repair Bournemouth UK

Gaz’s NS B52 surfboard in for a couple of small repairs.


tail corner crush.




And my finger points to another small ding I sorted, happy that its almost invisible.


Ready for the local reefs again.


SUP SURFBOARD repair Bournemouth UK

Matt’s Circle One SUP

Smashed tail requiring surgery.


ziggy 005

After surgery I am able to say the patient has made a full recovery,

please administer at least  once weekly a dose of oceanic therapy.

wed 005

Plastic SUP surgery by Jeff The Ding Man

Caring surfboard repair in Bournemouth

Dorset UK



By Jeff The Ding Man

A family owned business with old fashioned values.

SMITH surfboards

sunny 001

My logo … cheers Giles đŸ™‚

Just made these mini bonzer style fins for a customer’s board I’m shaping.

Handcrafted by my hands on the SOUTH COAST  of  The UK.


For more info use this link below

Rory’s Adams TONKA surfboard

ffffriday 005

poor photo I know – repairing a FCS FIN PLUG

ssssat 001

Result, now to fix the multiple dings up nose.

ssssat 004

I used a white tint to the resin to hide the four dings that needed routering clean – filling and then a layer of glass over the whole nose area wrapped around the rails.This glass panel was required as the nose had stress cracks all over it – notice Rory I squared of the Nose tip to remove damage and now it has a safer profile.

ssssat 005

ssssat 006

Caring surfboard repairs by

Jeff the Ding Man