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A rescue style paddleboard for Andy H


Both top rails were delaminated with soft spots

all along both sides.

Know fully rebuilt and glassed with 9.6oz glass (heavy duty glass)

This photo was taken before I added the knee/deck pads and handles.

Ready for racing / training.

Surfboard SUP repairs Bournemouth jeff the ding man

quad fin or 5 fin surfboard

Measure twice cut once.



With surfboard fins fcs fins / plugs you can tune up any surfboard.

“Caring repairs / modifications by Jeff The Ding Man”

surfboard repair uk Bournemouth

SUP surfboard repair UK



During repair using carbon fibre  –

note the yellow and white tinted epoxy

used to knock back the contrast of the

blak carbon when final finishing for paint.

Color matched and ready for the ocean.

“Caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man”

Please feel free to contact me for advice or free consultation for any board damage /

Drew Brophy sprays Gerry Lopez s SUP

Looks much better than white.

Declan’s Aloha Bean surfboard from this.

 To this, enjoy.

“Caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man”


Got this in today –

A hole in a surfboard rail caused by a chemical reaction of using the wrong resin to fix a ding.

Seen it before and to be fair this isn’t the worst by a long shot.

ding man surfboard repairs in the UK / Bouthmouth 

Not the best photo granted – rail crack on a surftech Joel Tudor Longboard

which got dropped on the rocks at a local reef break

During repair – all damaged removed and rebuilt correctly.

Paint and clear coat.

Cleaned and ready to hang ten.

Enjoy Simon.

Now if you are going to knock your fin out, do it like this –

not to much damage to deal with.

All sorted & shiny

(not the oversized hole this removes damage keeps the repair tidy)

Caring FCS fin plug installs Surfboard & SUP in Bournemouth UK

Enjoy Henry 🙂

Sit back and enjoy.

Caring surfboard SUP DING MAN repairs in UK Bournemouth Dorset

Surfboard SUP repair UK Bournemouth

A Starboard carbon 12ft 6 SUP ready for the ocean after repairing several rail chips…

Caring SUP / surfboard repairs by the DING MAN

Bournemouth UK .