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Just repaired Dan’s Fluidjuice Fish surfboard,

and personalized the repair for him with some custom art work.

The before rail ding.


I was inspired by a pair of  Quiksilver surf shorts.

Enjoy Dan 🙂

Caring surfboard repairs and custom decal / spray work on Surfboards Bmth

Short pic from http://www.quiksilver.com.au/mens-parsons-20-boardshorts-45206?default=45181

A shot of a punctured Watercooled Surf Board

 after initial preparation..

Then epoxy filled glassed and prepped for Quiksilver decal,

Decal mask being removed after paint applied… then

a couple of coats of clear.

Polished…Enjoy Alex

Surf board repairs in Bournemouth Dorser UK