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Matthew’s 7’11” Starboard SUP

This board was bought second hand by Matthew and he was concerned

over previous repair work – this lump of “plod” wasn’t watertight as it didn’t

flex in unison which the rest of the board – which results in stress cracks and

water inside the core. This SUP took ten days to dry out before rebuilding!

The whole board was refreshed, both rails repaired were needed and paint work

blended in – ready for French Atlantic Surf.

Enjoy Matt 🙂

The usual wear and tear.

After removal of all damage and fill n go plod,

I rebuilt the tail pod correctly using

carbon fiber instead of glass fiber.

Carbon fiber reinforcement of the surfboard tail area.

Jim’s Campbell Brothers Bonzer in for a fin repair.

During the repair important to maintain proper alignment.


Sweet board and fully polished ready for the 5th dimension.

Caring surfboard repairs in Bournemouth Dorset UK

A starboard carbon downwinder in for repair.

It was temporarily fixed with a solar cured resin.

Not the best adhesion.

After repairing with carbon fiber and recreating the original finish.

Ready for this winters Downwind sessions.

SUP repair UK Bournemouth 404

Nick’s 404 race sup

In for minor dings a freshen up and then I said

“how about a carbon fibre nose whilst I’m at it  – oh and I’ll remove the deck traction”

The nose was in need of my surgery skills and the carbon makes it look very classy & strong.

After removing the sup traction deck pad I reinforced the stringer standing zone with more carbon fibre.

I’ll never agree to remove deck grip again from a SUP – if any of you readers have tried you will understand 🙂


Caring SUP & SURFBOARD repairs in Bournemouth UK 

by jeff the ding man


caring surfboard SUP repair UK BOURNEMOUTH


FCS fin plug requiring replacement.

I can see the light – correct H pattern cut !

All done – Enjoy Gary H.

Caring FCS style fin plug installs repair UK Bournemouth surfboard

Jeff the Ding Man

Gary’s winter big wave board, with a fin missing.

 Note this fin had been previously repaired.

All sorted and repaired to last.

I laminated the fin with black resin to match the others –

as all I could get were grey fins (in the back ground).

A Sensi Threads surfboard by Eroll Hickman ready to hunt down winter swell.

Caring surfboard repairs by the DING MAN