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A #firewiresurfboard  #omni  #tomo in for a nose ding.

Rebuilt to last 🙂

Enjoy Tim


  1. To restore the board’s rocker line its important to keep the board under tension.
  2. Stringer braced both sides at the site of the crease, foam fared and filled.
  3. Sanded and laminated to maintain strength.
  4. The rail laps of glass going onto the deck destroyed the original coloured rails /pin lines…this I masked and re painted.
  5. Now ready for the surf.

Enjoy Seb.


A rebuilt and fully glassed repair with time proven techniques.



Enjoy Mark 🙂

Drop ins happen unfortunately….



Enjoy Gaz



#bournemouth #uk

Enjoy Michael 🙂


Ross’ surfboard in for a crushed nose repair and multiple other small dings.

All rebuilt correctly/glassed and machine polished.






When baggage handlers modify your new shred stik 😦

(click the link -in green-if your not squeamish)

Resin tinted and rebuilt.

Enjoy Andy.

#jeffthedingman #surfbmth


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Imagine surfacing from a wipeout or a dismount and seeing your leash rope has cheese wired the tail of your surfboard.

Session ended 😦

Go and check / shorten your leash rope –

hope this helps as its extremely common.




A recent photo of Rich P riding one of my aquatic creations.

Photo shot my Mike https://facebook.com/mdb.photo