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Ross’ surfboard in for a crushed nose repair and multiple other small dings.

All rebuilt correctly/glassed and machine polished.






When baggage handlers modify your new shred stik 😦

(click the link -in green-if your not squeamish)

Resin tinted and rebuilt.

Enjoy Andy.

#jeffthedingman #surfbmth


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Imagine surfacing from a wipeout or a dismount and seeing your leash rope has cheese wired the tail of your surfboard.

Session ended 😦

Go and check / shorten your leash rope –

hope this helps as its extremely common.




A recent photo of Rich P riding one of my aquatic creations.

Photo shot my Mike https://facebook.com/mdb.photo


Bmth Pier ding repair

Cam’s board just a little ding..



Pat’s fish surfboard needed a leash plug for his upcoming travels to Costa Rica.

I have time proven techniques that anchor the #leashplug into the laminate, #peaceofmind.

Enjoy Pat 🙂




20160725_162049_resized20160729_152635_resizedA #nineplus log in for some tlc.

Enjoy Ben 🙂

Restoration quality repairs by 

Jeff the Ding Man


  1. Snapped n crushed foam, one knock and it will separate 😦
  2. I add support to the stringer, then fill and stagger the glassing to maintain flex.
  3. Top 2 x 4oz with fully wrapped rails (that’s where the strength is).
  4. Bottom which joined together amazing well, plus 1 x 4oz .

Enjoy Andy.

#surfboard #repair #bmth

Jeff the Ding Man

A #firewire Baked Potatoe in for a minor rail ding.

Enjoy Roz