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I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy our lovely Bay

(Poole Bay) on my stand up paddleboard today…

perfect weather, not a cloud in the sky.

” My son & I enjoying  Poole Bay”

Weather for Bournemouth, UK

23°C | °F Thu Fri Sat Sun
Clear Clear Mostly Sunny Mostly Sunny
Wind: N at 8 mph
Humidity: 61% 24° 14° 23° 13° 25° 13° 23° 13°

BBC Weather | Bournemouth

Initial measuring and setting out of the new fcs plugs into the circle one board.

close up

six plugs later & ready to glide again.

This board is now water tight and will turn sweetly..

(note previous repairs to the side fin areas are not my work)

Enjoy the ocean 🙂

Surfboard repairs in Bournemouth by

Jeff “the ding man”

The damage shot,

after rebuilding / glassing,

colour & clear.

pray for surf

” if you shred so hard you bust your stick “

ref (NORTH SHORE) 80 s movie


south coast  surfboard repairs in

Bournemouth Boscombe Poole Dorset UK

A Cheetah surfboard,

fcs fin plug removed awaiting prep,

fcs plugs installed – all angles correct,

completed repair…enjoy 🙂

Tiki surfboard

firstly the EPS core was dryed before repair then..

EPS foam re-installed,faired and glassed then hotcoated & sanded.

 (finished top rail shot)(finished bottom rail shot)

-note eps foam will discolour once wet by the minerals etc found  in sea water-

I pride myself in doing a quality shortcuts or inferior products.

An epoxy Webber surfboard,

Note head dent, prepped and awaiting glass..

Finished and ready for Lars from Germany,

“From minor dings to major damage I can help you get your favourite board back in the water.”

Mundaka surfboard,

Tail repaired and filed/glassed for future gliding.


(Please note not a colour matched repair)

Circle One epoxy skimboards

epoxy skimboards repaired + colour work

A Cortez epoxy surfboard

The before shot


  fin plug has been routered out which revealed a wet eps core locally to the plug..

the core was dried and the repair completed.

FCS plug installed and faired flush using Resin Research

Epoxy from Seabase .

Enjoy Paul & family.

Epoxy surfboard ding repair in Bournemouth