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gone surf



Just finished my latest custom order for Jason

Now its Holiday time 🙂

Half term is here – I’m available for repairs after the holidays.

Enjoy the ocean.

Jeff The Ding Man


Bang tidy Paipo progressing nicely.

To view the completed board

Acid resin tint


 This morning was all about color – well actually shades of blue and white to compliment a

full fabric deck on this unique soul surfing vehicle.

More pics to follow.


Bournemouth Sup n surfboard repair



2 x Zre carbon paddles repaired, enjoy Marco

Notice both trailing edges required repair work – these top flight paddles are amazingly light and require only minimal maintenance from time to time, (as with all water sports equipment). Consider the abuse a paddle gives the side of a SUP its amazes my there’s not more damage to both – a testament to today’s quality materials and construction methods.

Quality SUP / SURFBOARD repairs by Jeff The DING MAN



Enjoy Elliot

Just watched the videos on Vimeo by Shaun Tomson – if you have the time to watch them, his message is inspirational “LIGHT“.

This post was inspired by The Hobie Shop’s recent posting,


The Overview Effect

Just watched this, mind blowing once you start thinking about this planet we all live on.


Jeff the ding man

Ian’s kiteboard with a full width crease /split.


After multiple layers of glass – fared to maintain flex.


Awaiting south westerly’s.

Jeff The Ding Man