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Hope all my followers are enjoying the Holidays 🙂

Had  Will & Chick drop their surfboards off for preparation for their

imminent travels.

Both boards ready for Mozambique.

Cheers for the Beer guys.





A well used / enjoyed Naish SUP in for a crease repair.

 Enjoy Lewis.


#sup repairs bmth

#surfboard repairs bmth

Will the lifeguard brought me an interesting project to work on.

A much loved fishy / swallow tail eps board

 bought used for a bit of fun.



After some banter and multiple scribbles this was Will’s solution, he kept mentioning Ryan Lovelace 😉



After reshaping, laminating with epoxy as an SLX construction.


Interesting to note one rail length is an 6’6″ the other a 6’2.75 .





A much loved DT Stephen Slater longboard in for corrective surgery.

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Old damage cut out, new foam added, resin tinted lamination to match the original construction.

Enjoy Ryan.

Quality surfboard repair by #jeffthdingman