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Going away surfing for a year,

and you crush your fin box just before you are due to leave…

My workshop Elves provided the a “Quick turnaround”

for Sam ready for his travels with this superbrand toy surfboard

Enjoy Sam.

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Hope all my followers are enjoying the Holidays 🙂

Had  Will & Chick drop their surfboards off for preparation for their

imminent travels.

Both boards ready for Mozambique.

Cheers for the Beer guys.





Drew Brophy sprays Gerry Lopez s SUP

Looks much better than white.


Got this in today –

A hole in a surfboard rail caused by a chemical reaction of using the wrong resin to fix a ding.

Seen it before and to be fair this isn’t the worst by a long shot.

ding man surfboard repairs in the UK / Bouthmouth