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A nose puncture transformed into thing of beauty via

#carbonfibre and epoxy resin.

Enjoy James

#bournemouth #dorset #sup



Full carbon nose rebuild,

rebuilt to last.


Enjoy George 🙂



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When you’re favorite #zre paddle needs repairing 🙂

Kerry’s review of my work….

Fantastic job in my ZRE carbon paddle …. I wanted a good job but got an amazing job ….thanks Jeff

Thankyou Kerry …. enjoy.

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A  #kiteboard rail repair for Christian.

The first photo shows the rail crack, I removed the customers temporary repair and rebuilt it for a lasting repair.


  • Customer modified ding – dry and ready to be repaired.
  • Cut / router out damage.
  • Install new foam, laminate/tint and sand/blend into surrounds.
  • Ready for the ocean.
  • Enjoy Rich.

Two Adams surfboards in for minor repairs.

Just little repair jobs to keep that new board feeling going a little longer 😉

Enjoy Jake the lifeguard and  your Sis.

#Jeff the Ding Man

Quality surfboard repairs Bournemouth

Two of Jake’s #surfboard s after repairs,

the Black & White Quad Fish required it’s tail pod to be rebuilt,

and other multiple #dings on both.

Ready for the Holidays 🙂

Quality surfboard repairs in BMTH

Pat’s fish in for a replacement Futures fin box.



ps the fish was made by these guys in Spain


A Fanatic SUP requiring some maintenance to the nose and underside.

All the damage was ground out and rebuilt with multiple layers of fiberglass.

Then fairing into the surroundings, filling and painting.

Enjoy Andrew.