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Enjoy Ben 🙂

When your imported Californian Mandala gets it’s first ding

and you want it to disappear.

Enjoy Simon 🙂



Ross’ surfboard in for a crushed nose repair and multiple other small dings.

All rebuilt correctly/glassed and machine polished.




Two Firewire surfboards in for repairs before heading of to


Enjoy Rich.



An Adams lil donkey  surfboard in for two small puncture repairs.

Even though they’re small repairs,

they  require a small amount of resin filler,

then laminated with 4oz glass fiber,

fill coated and faired into its surroundings.

Time proven repair techniques for a lasting repair..






Leash damage…


Resin tinted and fully reinforced with multiple layers of glass and a curvaceous profile to add strength to this area of impact.


Bing Darma Surfboard 

Click above on the link for board info.




Looking forward to 2017 🙂

This Forth Doofer in for a rail repair,

(click the link  above to learn more about this Forth surfboard)

drop in’s happen 😦

Rebuilt with time tested techniques that last,

look great and maintain performance.



When you drop your Channel Islands surfboard #4 and bust the tail 😦

All rebuilt maintaining all the original profiles to keep this

 Dane Reynolds designed board flying.



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Before and after 🙂

This longboard tails was shot, fragile rotten foam with age old previous repair work.

Cut out the old, replace with new foam – shape and glass.

I gave this log more of a square tail as its a single fin with a little more tail rocker,

(all subtle) for increased turning and noserides.

ps I dig the patina on this log.