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SUP repair Bournemouth Bmth Poole UK

An Atlantis 8.0vexpro #sup in for a ding repair sustained via

it’s transit from Australia to the UK.

All repaired and ready for the ocean,

enjoy Darren.


When your

Firewire Timbertek

Baked Potato Surfboard


 gets a ding puncturing the deck.

Repaired with a wood veneer and epoxy lamination,

resulting in a professional quality repair.

Enjoy Emanuele.

I see this all the time 😦 the wrong materials used will  melt the core

of your surfboard. Notice the little diy tail ding  repair – it created

a hollow void through chemical reaction.

Replace with foam and laminate with carbon and glassfibre

to replicate the boards original construction.

Love this board a Quiver longboard .


Enjoy Paul & Carly


A #firewiresurfboard  #omni  #tomo in for a nose ding.

Rebuilt to last 🙂

Enjoy Tim

When you slip and your knee dents the deck….

A tinted epoxy repair to rebuild the deck…



#firewire #sci-fi #tomo


  1. To restore the board’s rocker line its important to keep the board under tension.
  2. Stringer braced both sides at the site of the crease, foam fared and filled.
  3. Sanded and laminated to maintain strength.
  4. The rail laps of glass going onto the deck destroyed the original coloured rails /pin lines…this I masked and re painted.
  5. Now ready for the surf.

Enjoy Seb.



Nose tip gone…


glassed for strength ..


ready for the ocean.

Enjoy Durban Dave.






Leash damage…


Resin tinted and fully reinforced with multiple layers of glass and a curvaceous profile to add strength to this area of impact.


Bing Darma Surfboard 

Click above on the link for board info.




Looking forward to 2017 🙂

This #surfboard came to me on recommendation from #sortedsurfshop.

This board has a nice story relating to it, Diogo the owner initially enquired

with  Deano (sorted) as to an ideal small wave board for our local conditions.

This is the result which was custom made by Diogo’s  friend,

though this board suffered some damage whilst in transit.

After my repairs and paintwork this 5’9″ is seaworthy.


Enjoy Diogo.

#surfboard repairs Bournemouth


A Mark Richards puffer fish surfboard

with the above mentioned fin slash.


After filling and 2 layers of 4oz cloth, a sanding of resin and a polish.






surfboard repair bournemouth