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Carbon fiber nose rebuild, built to last and for looks.


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A  #kiteboard rail repair for Christian.

The first photo shows the rail crack, I removed the customers temporary repair and rebuilt it for a lasting repair.


surfboard repair Bournemouth UK

Edwin’s kiteboard.



today 001

today 002

Kiteboard repair Poole Bournemouth

7.7.14 035

Enjoy your kiteboard Lee.

It’s been a busy two weeks here, it must have something to do with the weather 🙂

Enjoy the ocean

Jeff The DING MAN.

A RRD Pescado Kiteboard with fin damage to two fins


Both fins sites had delamination and water ingress issues.

After rebuilding.



Quality surfboard repairs by Jeff The Ding Man

Jeff the ding man

Ian’s kiteboard with a full width crease /split.


After multiple layers of glass – fared to maintain flex.


Awaiting south westerly’s.

Jeff The Ding Man

Ben’s Kiteboard with a split nose,

sunday 005

split rail,

sunday 004

& a couple of rail dings ,

these temporary repairs were rebuilt.

sunday 003


monday 002

Nose repair with carbon fiber

monday 003

monday 004

Enjoy Ben.

Kiteboard surfboard epoxy ding repairs UK Bournemouth Dorset

By Jeff aka THE DING MAN

Ian collecting his kiteboard. Enjoy 🙂

to view the repair of this board follow this link;


Caring kiteboard SUP surfboard repairs Poole Bournemouth Boscombe Dorset UK

Jeff aka The Ding Man

DING MAN surfboard repair

Futures fin box ripped out,

repaired with extra glass..

for strength needed for the winds

these boards fly in..

enjoy 🙂