The foam was wet and internally damaged,

cut out the old and rebuild with #fcs plugs.

Enjoy Thilo




When a nice #Acre log comes in for corrective repair of a previous bodge.

The damage was close to the logo so no room for error,  after a rebuild and

black resin tint the repair was wet sanded and polished to be almost invisible.

The owner of this board asked if I could add his name to the underside along the stinger ….

and easy task from Ant to Pat.

Its all  in the details 🙂

#jeffthedingman #acresurfboards #surfboardrepairbmth




This #forthsurfboard had a knee puncture whilst abroad in Africa.

After routing out the epoxy bog I resined in new foam,

shaped it and glassed it. This repair will flex with the board

and last!

Enjoy Anthony.








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