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A common tail repair for a #fishsurfboard

This board was in a nearly new condition –

A Strive classic fish 5’10

and now correctly repaired for longevity.

Resin tinted, fully glassed and glossed all this £30.




Snapped tail repaired with a resin tint as the original color was painted on the foam,

this was reinforced with multiple layers of glass and fully polished.

Enjoy Andy.

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2016, a very stormy start to the year with the Atlantic producing consistent low pressure systems for us to enjoy.

Simon’s #fishsurfboard with a rail fin cut repair.

Luckily I have the exact resin tint to hide the repair, being translucent it was not possible to hide completely – though I think you’ll agree it came out nice.

IMG_20151217_173310_2 (1)

Quality, caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man.

This fish surfboard was truly battered.

2015 027

FCS fin plug replaced.

2015 032

A considerable rail depression from duck diving.

2015 038

 Multiple dings repaired.

2015 039

Machine buffed and ready for its overseas adventures.

Quality surfboard repairs Bournemouth.

A  Hot Buttered FISH SURFBOARD in for multiple repairs, most noticeably a new fin box/fin.

The  SURFINZ fin boxes and a set of twinzer fins  were kindly sent via

Terry Fitzgerald (owner of HB – a legendary surfer / shaper) .



Note the new shape of SURFINZ fin boxes smaller than the mk1 model.

Now installed, all measurements checked and glassed over.


In MY opinion great fin boxes allowing adjust-ability fore/aft to aid tune-ability to your board.




Caring surfboard repairs in Bournemouth Dorset UK



When your glassed on TWIN KEEL FISH FINS get damaged by the baggage handlers I can fix them.

The base of this fin was cracked and lose from front to back, the solution is to grind out the damage

and replace with fresh glass.

Nathan’s 7s Superfish surfboard

After colour,glass n polish.

Enjoy Nathan 🙂

surfboard supplied from


Chad’s surfboard.

4 x FCS style fin plugs required for this ding repair,

the ones on the left are cracked.

After filling/glassing and fin plug installation.

surfboard repair UK

Mark’s Fish surfboard.

TELL TALE SIGNS of surfboard deck delam

are cracked glass and the stringer/foam stained by sea water.

INITIAL repair preparation revealed:

Note the three rust stains in the foam,

looks as if a previous owner to Mark had attempted

to start a repair, it will soon be repaired correctly using quality materials.

“Caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man”