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How to modify your SUP, repairs Bmth


  • This 14ft Starboard SUP had already been modified before I worked on it,  the idea was to get a board that would track straight.
  • The fin box was installed forward of center
  • Router out recess for fin box, measure twice cut once 🙂
  • Install with a well mixed batch of slow curing epoxy resin
  • Once cured grind flush
  • Paintwork
  • All modifications for fins positioning are from https://www.allisonsupracefins.com/

Enjoy Bryce


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Nick’s ZRE carbon paddle


Admitted not an invisible repair but strong which is my objective.


A starboard carbon downwinder in for repair.

It was temporarily fixed with a solar cured resin.

Not the best adhesion.

After repairing with carbon fiber and recreating the original finish.

Ready for this winters Downwind sessions.