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Snapped tail repaired with a resin tint as the original color was painted on the foam,

this was reinforced with multiple layers of glass and fully polished.

Enjoy Andy.

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2016, a very stormy start to the year with the Atlantic producing consistent low pressure systems for us to enjoy.

Simon’s #fishsurfboard with a rail fin cut repair.

Luckily I have the exact resin tint to hide the repair, being translucent it was not possible to hide completely – though I think you’ll agree it came out nice.

IMG_20151217_173310_2 (1)

Quality, caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man.


Bang tidy Paipo progressing nicely.

To view the completed board


Jeff the ding man


A rail smash caused simply by being dropped.


Repaired / glassed  and resin tinted.


Enjoy Paul.

5’8″ Tiki Prozac Surfboard.

Quality surfboard repairs in BMTH Bournemouth 

By Jeff The Ding Man

A family owned business with old fashioned values.