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Loved watching this, “The connection between Man and Nature inspires the hand made.”

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Puppy Love

sunday 007

Look into my eyes.

surfboard design

Saw this on youtube and had to post it….blimey it looks fantastic, to me it resembles a Manta Ray.

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Added this to show Laird Hamilton SUP wave riding…the board control he has is amazing, he must have secret SUP glue on his feet.


Bournemouth Poole Sandbanks SUP

I feel so blessed to live on the South Coast, with the sun out I decided to take my SUP out and enjoy the weather.After one hour in the ocean I felt completely  relaxed and happy, its so nice to be out on the sea watching blackcaps dive for bait fish and Bass fish of mature size cruising along the sand bars. The clarity of the ocean and the improving sea temperature is a statement that Summer has nearly arrived, I’m just awaiting the mackerel to return.

The above photo I took at Sandbanks Beach on this Sunday just gone the temp was 12-14’c..Today in contrast is 25’c + 🙂

photo blagged of Facebook from a friend.

Enjoy The Ocean,

and please take your litter home.

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Beautiful wood

Beautiful « Wave Tribe Eco Blog.

Natural Beauty

Eco surfboards are the future..epoxy resins make this possible,

mark my words polyester resins will become redundant in surfboard making,

or reserved for collectors pieces.

Many of my customers have witnessed the strength available of epoxy laminations,

most are blown away…though acceptability is the issue as surfers like the look of poly?

Check out xtr surfboards or Patagonia for their quality epoxy products which also

have minimal impact on the environment in manufacture and lifespan.

Jeff aka The Ding Man

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