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Coast Surf shop

in for two small rail dings.


After resin tinting and polishing.


Enjoy James.




The quality of this surfboard is outstanding – the attention to detail from the shape to the glass job

results in positive oooohs and arrhhhs  from  my customers who have seen this beauty in my new workshop.


one smashed and cracked nose.


Rebuilt and carbon cloth added.

The final result with cosmetic work.



(the rubbed out carbon look keeps the heat of the black surface with minimal added weight)



Caring windsurf repairs by Jeff The DING MAN


After with added colour band (customers request)


To match the colour scheme on the deck of the QUIET FLIGHT surfboard.

This blast from the past was in for a Rat Rod style resto to get it watertight.

The results.


9613 004

9613 008

9613 014

9613 017

9613 013

9613 018

This Board was made in Boscombe when it was still Hampshire, now its Dorset as the boundaries have been moved…guessing it was made in the 70s, note the red glitter fin!

 Jeff the ding man:)

Really enjoyed this job for Peter – This Mistral JOKER windsurf board was in for a nose repair, Peter contemplated the notion of redesigning the nose, he mentioned the top section of the nose never gets wet and gets in the way, hence the redesign. Peter is a design student (which is also my background) together we brain stormed ideas  to get to this solution “influenced by Daniel Thomsons surfboards”, The MPH (Modern Planing Hull).mph


This is the result.





Windsurf repairs Bournemouth Poole Dorset UK



Ben’s Kiteboard with a split nose,

sunday 005

split rail,

sunday 004

& a couple of rail dings ,

these temporary repairs were rebuilt.

sunday 003


monday 002

Nose repair with carbon fiber

monday 003

monday 004

Enjoy Ben.

Kiteboard surfboard epoxy ding repairs UK Bournemouth Dorset

By Jeff aka THE DING MAN

Ian collecting his kiteboard. Enjoy 🙂

to view the repair of this board follow this link;


Caring kiteboard SUP surfboard repairs Poole Bournemouth Boscombe Dorset UK

Bournemouth Poole Sandbanks SUP

I feel so blessed to live on the South Coast, with the sun out I decided to take my SUP out and enjoy the weather.After one hour in the ocean I felt completely  relaxed and happy, its so nice to be out on the sea watching blackcaps dive for bait fish and Bass fish of mature size cruising along the sand bars. The clarity of the ocean and the improving sea temperature is a statement that Summer has nearly arrived, I’m just awaiting the mackerel to return.

The above photo I took at Sandbanks Beach on this Sunday just gone the temp was 12-14’c..Today in contrast is 25’c + 🙂

photo blagged of Facebook from a friend.

Enjoy The Ocean,

and please take your litter home.

Caring surfboard, stand up paddleboard, SUP, kite Board repairs in Bournemouth.

Bilbo Fish Surfboard in for repair

Why are fish so gullible?…They fall for things hook, line and sinker

Tail Dings

There was an awful fight at the seafood restaurant…Four fish got battered

and after repair.

FCS fin plug damage..

Install angles correct + colour.

Plug removed and repair started with correct FCS installation techniques..

Surfboard Repairs in

Bournemouth Boscombe Poole Dorset UK

Jeff “The Ding Man”