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This construction is bomb proof – this was some impact!


After the rebuild and mucho faffing to hide the repair.


This mad ride is ready for the waves again – it’s so light.


These amazing boards are available from


Surfboard repairs by JEFF THE DING MAN


SUP repair Bournemouth UK

Well spring has sprung and today was a barmy 10 c

spent most of today wet n drying the scratches out of this SUP

then mopping with several grades of compound p0lishes

and a resin polish to seal in the finnish.



Stand Up Paddleboard supplied by Nick from


Quality surfboard repairs in BMTH Bournemouth 

By Jeff The Ding Man

A family owned business with old fashioned values.

Marco’s ZRE Carbon SUP paddle

wed 001

I have the technology to fix this lightweight STAND UP PADDLEBOARD  paddle…

fri snow 009

fri snow 008

Enjoy Marco sup ing in the snow.

Talking of snow,my puppy experiencing snow for the first time.

fri snow 001


SUP repair UK Bournemouth 404

Nick’s 404 race sup

In for minor dings a freshen up and then I said

“how about a carbon fibre nose whilst I’m at it  – oh and I’ll remove the deck traction”

The nose was in need of my surgery skills and the carbon makes it look very classy & strong.

After removing the sup traction deck pad I reinforced the stringer standing zone with more carbon fibre.

I’ll never agree to remove deck grip again from a SUP – if any of you readers have tried you will understand 🙂



Caring SUP & SURFBOARD repairs in Bournemouth UK 

by jeff the ding man

sup & surfboard repair UK

A Starboard widepoint after minor repairs and a tidy up

(small dings and rail chips)

This SUP is ready up for sale

 The aggressive short-board outline of the Wide Point provides heavier riders with a shape that can compete with lighter riders on narrower boards.

32″ provides excellent stability but a narrow nose and tail make for unrivalled responsiveness in such a wide board.

“Flat concave nose merging to flat tail V”

Contact Nick @ http://www.thesupstore.co.uk/

“Caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man”

Please feel free to contact me for advice or free consultation for any board damage

jeff@southcoastcustomsurfboards.com  /   www.facebook.com/jeffthedingman.





“Caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man”


A Starboard Big Easy 12ft SUP

So many small dings to repair as it works hard for a living…

this SUP teaches newbies to sup via

The SUP Store

Cheers Nick 🙂

Recommissioned for future teaching on The South Coast.