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Ben’s Kiteboard with a split nose,

sunday 005

split rail,

sunday 004

& a couple of rail dings ,

these temporary repairs were rebuilt.

sunday 003


monday 002

Nose repair with carbon fiber

monday 003

monday 004

Enjoy Ben.

Kiteboard surfboard epoxy ding repairs UK Bournemouth Dorset

By Jeff aka THE DING MAN

An  Adams Retro fish surfboard 

with its “Butt crack”  repaired…not an endearing term but never the less descriptive,

as this tail design often cracks due to flexing of the two tail pods.


Notice the extra glass which was layered to allow for flexing of the tail.

Enjoy Ben:)

 Ding Man surfboard SUP Repairs on The South Coast of England UK


 The result of surfing our local reefs,

Jurassic coastline power.

Ben from The Wessex Surf Club 

 brought it to me for surgery.

All completed with the stringer reinforced + new leash plug and a

glass job that is a third stronger than the original,

4+4oz top 4oz original glassing to the tail

now 6+6oz top 6oz bottom.

Also Ben’s a goofy foot hence the leash plug positioning with in turn

maintains the strength in the rear tail area.

A caring repair by Jeff The DING MAN


south coast custom surfboards

Ben’s Spider Murphy surfboard with its tail ripped clean out

by our local Jurassic Coast reefs.

Who says the South Coast has no power?

Currently receiving intensive surgery..

Did you want a swallow tail?

More to follow….

Jeff aka


Ding Man

Ben’s Fluid Juice Quad Fish Surfboard

with a fin slash to the tail.

Thinking of fins had you heard the one about:

If fish lived on land, which country would they live in? 


A fish swam into a wall and said, “Dam!”

Where do fish wash?…In a river basin

What day of the week do fish hate?…Frydays

Quality surfboard DING MAN repairs in Bournemouth

& bad jokes

By Jeff aka The Ding Man

Which fish can perform operations?…A Sturgeon

Why are fish so gullible?…They fall for things hook, line and sinker