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Photo post inspired by this article


A subtle surfboard 😉

4.1.13 025

Smashed nose and wet foam / stringer.

Also this whole board has been spray painted and covered in flowers.4.1.13 029

4.1.13 028

Notice I rebuilt the nose with safety in mind,

pointed nosed surfboards are dangerous.

I added some POSCA PEN artwork


Enjoy Michelle 🙂


caring surfboard SUP repair UK BOURNEMOUTH

Michelle’s surfboard ready for the surf.

A Walden 7ft Mini Magic surfboard.

Enjoy Michelle 🙂

Caring surfboard repairs UK 



Jurassic Coast

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Perky and Pinky


The FCUK shop decor board now is ready for a surf.

How many holes to repair…holes re cut and plugged with foam from a off cut blank,

Pink tinted resin for the repairs and the FCS style fin plugs.

New leash plug install.

Flexible nylon surfboard fins used for safety as this board is destined to be a little girls first surfboard.

I added some extra detail to the fins to make them themed to this board,

much nicer than the raw black they were originally.

Caring surfboard SUP repairs Bournemouth Dorset UK

ding man surfboard repair

A fun little project came my way recently by a good friend Seb the Photographer,

its a FCUK branded surfboard used as a shop decoration piece..its full of holes and

dings..this board is intended to be a gift for a very lucky young lady.

click to view the holes!

Pink underneath blue on top…My daughter has already spotted it (sorry its not for you).

So its multiple ding repairs – leash plug and a thruster tri fin installation.

To think this would of been landfill?

“Giving surfboards a new leash of life” – Jeff the Ding Man

DING MAN Caring surfboard SUP repairs UK

A portrait of a ‘surfer girl’ from 1944. For more surfing nostalgia, surf art, photography and other cool surf culture photos we find, follow Club Of The Waves on Pinterest at: http://pinterest.com/clubofthewaves/

surfboard repairs in Bournemouth UK

“Caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man”


Got asked to install a leash plug in a customers

home made board (for his girlfriend).

The above photo is as it arrived,

After repair & leash plug install,

Cheers Tom.

Caring surfboard repairs in Bournemouth “The South Coast of England UK”

How often do you clean off your wax?

Underneath your front foot placement on your surfboard is the most likely place for a crease to develop from a heavy Air landing, Off The lip manoeuvres or commonly a good old fashioned wipeout.

further investigation revealed…

a cracked surfboard stringer.

The stringer needed to be reinforced and the deck glassed.

With surfboards costing premium prices today its best to look after “your chosen ocean vehicle of fun.”

Caring surfboard repairs by The Ding Man



surf like a girl


Surfboard repairs in Bournemouth

boscombe dorset uk