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Ryan’s Gulfstream Fish Surfboard speared in the guts by a shortboarder.

snow 010

If in doubt Router it out.

friding 001

friding 008

Foam resined in with 6oz fibreglass, fared and polished.

friding 009

Surfboard repair Bournemouth South Coast UK

A Firewire surfboard with a cracked FCS Fusion fin plug

Only the front fin tab box was cracked,

the impact cracked the surrounding glass both sides of the tab box,

the FCS FUSION fin system was in great shape so I routered out the damage

and internally strengthened the new plug site with fibre glass before fin plug installation.

The new fin plug is surrounded by glass fiber and further strengthened by the remaining Fusion plug.

Enjoy your Firewire surfboard Gary.

Caring surfboard repair by Jeff The Ding Man

A Cortez epoxy surfboard

The before shot


  fin plug has been routered out which revealed a wet eps core locally to the plug..

the core was dried and the repair completed.

FCS plug installed and faired flush using Resin Research

Epoxy from Seabase .

Enjoy Paul & family.


Epoxy surfboard ding repair in Bournemouth