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Hope all my followers are enjoying the Holidays 🙂

Had  Will & Chick drop their surfboards off for preparation for their

imminent travels.

Both boards ready for Mozambique.

Cheers for the Beer guys.





A well used / enjoyed Naish SUP in for a crease repair.

 Enjoy Lewis.


#sup repairs bmth

#surfboard repairs bmth

Will the lifeguard brought me an interesting project to work on.

A much loved fishy / swallow tail eps board

 bought used for a bit of fun.



After some banter and multiple scribbles this was Will’s solution, he kept mentioning Ryan Lovelace 😉



After reshaping, laminating with epoxy as an SLX construction.


Interesting to note one rail length is an 6’6″ the other a 6’2.75 .





A much loved DT Stephen Slater longboard in for corrective surgery.

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Old damage cut out, new foam added, resin tinted lamination to match the original construction.

Enjoy Ryan.

Quality surfboard repair by #jeffthdingman

5 year anniversary

I would like to say a “Big Thank you” to all my customers for their

support over the last 5 years,

especially to SORTED SURF SHOP 




surfboard repairs in Bournemouth BMTH

A common surfboard tail ding.

Instead of just fixing the corner, I prepared the whole tail for re glassing,

both top and bottom – this ensures a lasting repair.

2 x 4 oz Hexcel glass top & 1 x 4 oz bottom as the original construction &

fine finished to match the original surfaces.

As I was always taught

If your going to do a job – do it properly!



This board’s name made me laugh,

it was in for a rail repair…

have fun in the sun.




This #surfboard came to me on recommendation from #sortedsurfshop.

This board has a nice story relating to it, Diogo the owner initially enquired

with  Deano (sorted) as to an ideal small wave board for our local conditions.

This is the result which was custom made by Diogo’s  friend,

though this board suffered some damage whilst in transit.

After my repairs and paintwork this 5’9″ is seaworthy.


Enjoy Diogo.

#surfboard repairs Bournemouth


A cracked #SUP rail.



IMG_20160204_204758 (1)


#jeffthedingman #surfboardrepairbournemouth

Jeff did a fantastic nose job on my son ( sorry I mean my son’s board ) What an absolutely lovely chap who takes pride in his work and knows what he’s doing. Thank you Jeff we really appreciate the fantastic work and care you took over Dan’s board. We will definitely be a repeat customer ( not too soon I hope ). Dan in Salisbury

The link for the mentioned repair is below.

Linden nose repair

It’s always nice to hear from customers.