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The result of an over -tightened roof rack strap.

Two cracks through the carbon fibre laminate,

the above pic is part way through the repair.


After color matching, and ready for

training / racing.


SUP surfboard repair Bournemouth UK

Matt’s Rogue SUP

monday 003

This small hole had a temporary “sun cured resin repair”

which I simply peeled off!

monday 005

The completed repair.

monday 006

Sup supplied by Nick at


Quality SUP surfboard repairwork in Dorset

by Jeff The Ding Man (SMITH SURFBOARDS)

SUP SURFBOARD repair Bournemouth UK

Matt’s Circle One SUP

Smashed tail requiring surgery.


ziggy 005

After surgery I am able to say the patient has made a full recovery,

please administer at least  once weekly a dose of oceanic therapy.

wed 005

Plastic SUP surgery by Jeff The Ding Man


A starboard carbon downwinder in for repair.

It was temporarily fixed with a solar cured resin.

Not the best adhesion.

After repairing with carbon fiber and recreating the original finish.

Ready for this winters Downwind sessions.


SUP repair UK Bournemouth 404

Nick’s 404 race sup

In for minor dings a freshen up and then I said

“how about a carbon fibre nose whilst I’m at it  – oh and I’ll remove the deck traction”

The nose was in need of my surgery skills and the carbon makes it look very classy & strong.

After removing the sup traction deck pad I reinforced the stringer standing zone with more carbon fibre.

I’ll never agree to remove deck grip again from a SUP – if any of you readers have tried you will understand 🙂



Caring SUP & SURFBOARD repairs in Bournemouth UK 

by jeff the ding man