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UK Bournemouth Dorset

by Jeff The Ding Man



pics say it all…mini simmons style surfboards airbrushed to look like skateboards.


No Ifs No Guts

Hell yes, Steve Cab. Here’s the 47-year-old shredding in slooow moootion at Lake Cunningham bowl in California. Very nice.

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A Mindless longboard skateboard in for repair.

The tail damage was caused by high speed impact with a concrete curb.

Birch ply resined on top and bottom.

After shaping and clear coat. Top.

& Bottom.

Enjoy McCauley 🙂

Sorry for the misspelling your name Macaulay 🙂

you’re never too old

Jeff aka The Ding Man

Surfboard repairs in Bournemouth

Dorset UK