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Scotty’s Al Merrick JOE surfoard & Ben’s 7S COG surfboard

4 to 5 dings repaired on each,

ready for Fuertaventura.



7214 001

After Nose surgery 😉 note fully glassed top/bottom with a good nose bead.


7214 003


7214 004

The nose profile has been squared off for safety and looks, (discussed with the owner before work commenced).

Q :Sharp nosed surfboards why?

Q:Will you surf faster with a pointy nose?

Q: Does the tip of the nose rocker actually assist the board to plane?

I’m guessing the answer lies with personal choice and what you are are accustomed to seeing with certain shortboard designs.

7214 005

A 5’11” JS 

Now just a little shorter and safer, and possibly lighter?

Enjoy Josh.

Henry’s JS Industries surfboard

with a nose snap.

latest 012

One more wave and this would have been in two pieces.

After rebuild.

sat 001

Love the logo

sat 003

Quality surfboard & SUP ding repairs in Bournemouth Poole UK

By Jeff The DING MAN

A 5’10” Al0ha Magic Mushroom epoxy surfboard

Tail damage the result of being dropped.

After my repair work.

Also one of the FCS G5 fins required repair.



The initial damage is still visible just –

 performance and flex will not be effected,

due to my considered glass lay up and epoxy penetration.

Enjoy Patrick 🙂

Caring surfboard SUP repair UK Bournemouth

Enjoy the sunshine and the ocean .