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Got asked to add FCS fin plugs and a leash plug to a RUSTY Dwart for the intention of using a Go Pro camera.



No losing your camera or your mount un sticking.

Enjoy Ben.


surfboard repair UK

A  Rusty Hustler in for repair,

the nose area requires attention.


 All sorted and a barely visable repair.


 Secondly a common rail fracture.



Quality surfboard repairs by Jeff The Ding Man

A South African 6ft TWIN KEEL Fish Surfboard

In for the tail tips to be repaired.

4.1.13 026

4.1.13 027


tues 002

Quality surfboard repairs in Bournemouth UK

 This is how this rebuild started,

this Rusty Dwart Surfboard was in a bad way.

Initially it looked like the front set of FCS FIN PLUGS need replacement.

Looks can be deceiving!

Dean Rusty dwart 001

Notice the dark coloring on the stringer,

this is due to being wet and led to the further surgery below.

Dean Rusty dwart 003

I scalped this DWART.

scalp 001

If your surfboard has cracked fin plugs this could happen to your surfboard.

Follow this link to see more of this rebuild,


Caring surfboard repairs in Bournemouth UK

A  Rusty surfboard mini mal in for a tail repair.

Note how a diy solar activated resin has previously been used, hmmm.

Preparation for a wooden tail block.

Keep Posted.

A Rusty GTR 6’6″ in for some minor surgery,

all ready for some Bank Holiday surf.

Enjoy Charlotte 🙂

“Caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man”