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Surfboard ding repair UNION JACK

OUCH – even worsr as this surfboard hasn’t been christened yet.


Decisions decisions, how best to repair this –

on closer inspection the red is sun faded and difficult

to replicate.  After some procrastination I cut out the damage

and inserted it back into the repair site – once waxed up you’ll

never see the repair. Using red resin in the repair would just

“stick out a like a sore thumb” hence my considered solution.


Quality checked 🙂


Enjoy Duncan.

Jeff the ding man

surfboard repair UK

A  Rusty Hustler in for repair,

the nose area requires attention.


 All sorted and a barely visable repair.


 Secondly a common rail fracture.



Quality surfboard repairs by Jeff The Ding Man

Oli’s sweet Bonzer in for some TLC

9613 015

9613 010

9613 003

9613 002

9613 011

9613 005

9613 019

This is a well used Bonzer Bumblebee it shows its history in its patina.

Built to last!



Drew Brophy sprays Gerry Lopez s SUP

Looks much better than white.

Just repaired Dan’s Fluidjuice Fish surfboard,

and personalized the repair for him with some custom art work.

The before rail ding.


I was inspired by a pair of  Quiksilver surf shorts.

Enjoy Dan 🙂

Caring surfboard repairs and custom decal / spray work on Surfboards Bmth

Short pic from http://www.quiksilver.com.au/mens-parsons-20-boardshorts-45206?default=45181

Dan from Brighton – his SA longboard in for surgery.

A close up of the rail repair;

Damage routered out /new foam and several layers of 6oz glass to put the strength back.

 Caring Longboard repairs in Bournemouth Dorset UK

By Jeff aka The Ding Man 

Harry’s Roger Cooper Surfboard with

a nose ding caused by his head,

Blimey that must of hurt a bit?

After surgery..

Enjoy Harry.

Surfboard ding repairs in Dorset