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Jeff the Ding Man

The damage, a crushed and cracked surfboard rail.


After routering out the damage and rebuilding / fairing multiple layers of fiberglass.

Just visible on your left.



Enjoy your Gulf Stream Fastback Neil.

This blast from the past was in for a Rat Rod style resto to get it watertight.

The results.


9613 004

9613 008

9613 014

9613 017

9613 013

9613 018

This Board was made in Boscombe when it was still Hampshire, now its Dorset as the boundaries have been moved…guessing it was made in the 70s, note the red glitter fin!

 Jeff the ding man:)

Owen’s race paddleboard with rail dings –
this resulted in compressing of the eps core by continual knee bashing.

Repaired with carbon fibre

Ready to race.

Owen is a member of

Branksome Chine Surf Lifesaving Club. Lifesaving since 1990.


Caring paddleboard SUP surfboard Kiteboard repairs in Bournemouth Poole
Dorset UK

Ian’s kiteboard which was presented to me with a weird buttock shaped bulge

on its planing surface, (I kid yee not).

I punctured said  bulges and they deflated with an audiable hiss..which I had recorded this.

This was caused by damage to the laminate which had absorbed water into the kiteboards core –

turning to steam in hot climate/car/sunshine.

Notice the witness marks in the core, taking the shape of the delamination.

I choose a Veneer sandwich repair.. the circular shape is ideal as it will dissipate any forces acting on it .

Just needing a hotcoat and polish to complete enjoy Ian.

Kiteboard repairs Dorset Poole UK