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surfboard ding repair BMTH

Several dings repaired on this kneeboard before in enjoys quality surf in Australia.

portugal 165

portugal 164

Tail pin repaired.

portugal 163

Rail rebuilt behind a fcs fin setup.

portugal 166

board dims.

Enjoy Tom.

Caring surfboard repairs in Bournemouth,


#Jeff The Ding Man

This blast from the past was in for a Rat Rod style resto to get it watertight.

The results.


9613 004

9613 008

9613 014

9613 017

9613 013

9613 018

This Board was made in Boscombe when it was still Hampshire, now its Dorset as the boundaries have been moved…guessing it was made in the 70s, note the red glitter fin!

 Jeff the ding man:)

Billabong RIO


Click on the above link for the BILLABONG RIO WEBCAST

If your’re at work watch this and mind surf, try to look productive to pass your time away till you can be reunited with the Ocean at the end of the day:)

Here it’s raining – it feels like everyday for the last month 😦

Please can I have some waves?

Caring surfboard SUP kneeboard kiteboard skimboard repairs in Bournemouth Dorset UK

Tom W’s “Flashpoint surfing Hart design

kneeboard in for a little surgery:)

Above is the damage shot of this kneeboards tail.

So I’ve rebuilt the tail and glassed it with multiple layers of 6oz top/bottom,

just like its original construction.

Love this shape…

Its 24 inches wide!

blows the theory of narrow boards for steep waves right out the water!

This Kneeboard  is designed for serious waves…

For more info on keeboards follow this link to Kneelo magazine.


Caring repairs by The Ding Man