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Further surgery on Ben’s surfboard

previous work on the link below.


The tail is now fully glassed with 2x12oz on top and 6oz on the bottom.

Leash plug during installation.

Ben’s Raptor centre fin from the above board,

now the missing chunk is repaired.

Caring surfboard DING repairs

in Bournemouth

Post following on from


Ben’s Spider Murphy surfboard  now with damage cut out.

Foam cut then shaped as per the original design whilst maintaining the 6’2″ board length.

The above  shot shows the stringer being reinforced,

this also adds extra strength to the rear fin area.

Caring surfboard DING repairs by 

Jeff aka The Ding Man

Ben’s Spider Murphy surfboard with its tail ripped clean out

by our local Jurassic Coast reefs.

Who says the South Coast has no power?

Currently receiving intensive surgery..

Did you want a swallow tail?

More to follow….

Jeff aka


Ding Man

Andrew’s Al Merrick FCS fins impacted upon

one of Kimmeridge’s Jurassic reefs.

The damage shot..

note trailing edge flattened & rear tab has

stress lines visable – due to tab being bent out of alignment

resulting in a broken FCS plug.

During surgery…


Both side fins re profiled together to ensure

symmetry & tab trued to maintain alignment.