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Sit back and enjoy.

Caring surfboard SUP DING MAN repairs in UK Bournemouth Dorset

Ben’s Adams Retro Fish surfboard in for replacement of

two FCS fin plugs and multiple small dings.

A close up of the removed fin plug holes,

the fish was left to bask in the sun to dry out any moisture from its core.

quality surfboard ding repairs FCS fin plugs in 

Bournemouth by Jeff The Ding Man

Bilbo Fish Surfboard in for repair

Why are fish so gullible?…They fall for things hook, line and sinker

Tail Dings

There was an awful fight at the seafood restaurant…Four fish got battered

and after repair.

FCS fin plug damage..

Install angles correct + colour.

Plug removed and repair started with correct FCS installation techniques..

Surfboard Repairs in

Bournemouth Boscombe Poole Dorset UK

Jeff “The Ding Man”